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User and Instructor-Level Training in:

  • Defensive Handgun 

  • Defensive Shotgun 

  • Patrol Rifle 

  • Countersniper Rifle 

  • Submachine Gun 

  • OC Aerosol ("Pepper Spray")

  • Less Lethal Impact Munitions 

  • Defensive Tactics, Baton, etc. 

  • Armorer Training 

  • Firearms Safety 

  • Personal Security 

  • Use of Force Legal Issues

Consulting to manufacturers of firearms and related products regarding design, human factors, safety and training issues; product literature including warnings and owner's manuals; development of user, instructor and armorer training programs, materials and training aids; marketing issues; and risk management (product liability consulting).

Consulting to cities, states, and governmental entities regarding development, review and implementation of use of force policies, law enforcement training programs and issues, response to critical incidents, and risk management.

Consulting to law enforcement and security agencies regarding selection of firearms and related equipment; design and implementation of training programs; safety surveys and safety protocols; qualification standards; development and review of written departmental firearms and use of force policies; and evaluation of specific use of force incidents and firearms accidents.

Expert witness services and litigation consulting in civil and criminal cases in state and federal courts nationwide. Expertise in issues including firearms design, safety, use and training; law enforcement training and tactics; training psychomotor skills; human factors relating to firearms; threat assessment; self defense; accidental discharge of firearms; hunting accidents; shooting range design and safety issues; selection of firearms, ammunition and related equipment; holsters and weapon retention issues; physiological and perceptual stress effects of lethal force confrontations; shooting scene reconstruction; involuntary muscular contraction as a possible cause of unintentional discharge of firearms; firearms operability, function, ballistics, trajectories, velocities, ricochets, wounding effects, bullet penetration and expansion; ejection patterns, muzzle flash; behavior of projectiles upon striking steel and other materials; reaction time and action vs. reaction; justification for use of deadly and non-deadly force; firearms recoil; dim light and vision issues; covering suspects at gunpoint; concealability of firearms and other weapons; home storage of firearms; knife threats; paintball guns; ammunition reloading; etc. Expert witness work is regularly performed both for plaintiffs and defendants in civil cases, and for the prosecution and defense in criminal cases.

Security Surveys, Risk Assessment, Security Consulting and Training for corporations, schools, public facilities, houses of worship, executives and private individuals.

Authoring articles and longer works for publication in the field of firearms, firearms use and tactics.

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